About Me

I’m Raymond Everitt. I am a qualified cabinetmaker and have been creating and designing with timber for over 39 years. During my vast career I have worked at kitchen design, bathrooms, stairs, furniture, cabinets, joinery, restoration, and even yacht building including the fine interiors with all the detail. I had my own kitchen and joinery business for 13 years in Matakana, where I specialised in timber designs. I have developed an excellent reputation for quality craftsmanship and personalised service. Check out my Client Comments page.

Two qualities I hold dear to me are the skill and passion for working with timber and the ability to sit down with the customer and work together to create just the right thing that sets them apart from others.

My Gallery of photos speak for themselves, showcasing the stunning, unique and high quality designs my customers and I have produced over the years.

Furthering My Passion

With my years of experience, I have a wealth of ideas waiting to happen. I love working with our native woods especially recycled native timber.

I am developing a selection of designs to cater for all tastes ranging from rustic to contemporary. Each are unique, one off, specials that are now for sale.  See my “Designs For Sale” page for photos.

These will change as I continue to create and design new pieces of furniture that will make someone go “Wow, that’s for me!”.

My latest work